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autodrone show coming up soon.

Hi There!!!

We are super excited to tell you about our next show, which will be the last of our spring shows.

Please join us on Thursday April 24th at Supreme Trading in Williamsburg (brooklyn) NY
as we play with Stellarscope (philadelphia) and Bell Hollow (brooklyn NY)

This is a fabulous bill and should be a super fun show.

Maybe you don't read livejournal every day, thats okay, now we are using super secure this thing where you can just sign up to be on our mailing list and if you don't want to be on it, just unsubscribe, and it doesnt matter if you live outside of nyc, you can sign up and well only send you an email if we are passing through your area.

so it works out great for everybody.

In other news, Mark Barton from Losing Today (UK) took a listen to our CD, Strike A Match, Here is what he had to say about it:

autodrone 'strike a match'


Strike a Match

Self Released

More knee knocking loveliness this time from New York's Autodrone whose name for the more hardened and long standing readers among you may well remember us mentioning a few years via their debut demo EP which if we recall rightly had some thing of a Sonic Youth twist about its wares which had us pricking our ears up in admiration. There's no doubting the bruised beauty and intensely epic thorough breeding that pulses throughout the whole of 'Strike a Match'. Over the course of the ensuing years Autodrone have honed their mercurial spirit to the point of an enviable fine art, all at once intricate and devastating, caressing and crushing, tender and turbulent 'Strike a Match' is in one short word colossal and in another ravaged.

Within the grooves that weld together these 12 monolithic slabs Autodrone fuse sublimely the family tree roots that tie together the disparate generic dialects of shoe gaze, dream pop and psych along the way taking the unusual step of front loading the turbulence and attrition to morph and develop towards the close into a hitherto more stream lined and tender natured spectacle so that you have the contrasting book ended bridging of the opening salvo of the title cut the simmering strike a pose 'strike a match' - (a hollowing crystalline and ethereal shade wearing fuzz fuelled tailgates of feedback induced cosmic interference peppered by momentary eruptions of hyper driven grinds a la Curve though ostensibly edgier in texture) - and the frailly majestically mellowing and softly unwinding stratospheric serenade of the blissed out and utterly touching key motifs of 'pictures' (think hallowing hazes of Flying Saucer Attack shimmers scratching away at a distantly dreamy Sundays - nuff said).

From the almost Cathedral-esque framing of the darkly curdling mantra like 'final days' to the spectral chill of the kaleidoscopic cruise controlled 'kerosene dreams' with its wrappings of astral ambience and lunatic lightshow swirls all decoded and dusted in its seductive trestles of sonic embroidery deliciously looses itself in its own incubated igloo of mind expanding florescent fog, Autodrone indelibly craft out lush star crossed atmospheric landscapes dimpled with psychotropic accents occasionally breached by shimmering surges of shock treated raptures of grinding power driven bliss out grooves deftly masked in shadowy terrains that to these ears tap sublimely with enviable ease into worlds previously occupied by the likes of the Cranes, Heart Throbs, MBV (check out 'through the backwoods'), Bleach and Bang Bang Machine the latter of whom are admirably arrested albeit as though shimmying up to mid 80's era March Violets on the vibrantly sugar rushing effects laden dream coat that is the uber cool and refined 'Something'. Elsewhere the frazzled and fractured proto punk-a-delic death disco goo that is the unforgiving 'can't keep these' is certainly pre packed with enough sly knowingness to make Garbage turn green while the buzzing 60's sourced bubblegum pop thrill of 'with arms raised' is tastily festooned with a pulse racing feel good effervescence as though a face off between the sugary peppermint pop of Strawberry Switchblade had undergone a spot of re-spraying at the hands of Lush though personally for us we are quite smitten by the doom lashed bleakly barren austere grip of windswept cinematics bled through the drone drilled death rattle of the psycho-tronically opining and haunted 'moth of July'.

Unquestionably recommended.

Key tracks -

Moth of July

Kerosene dreams


With arms raised
WOW how nice!!!!

Okay so sign up for our e-list and come to our show. Oh and also if you want to buy your very own copy of strike a match, there will be a limited edition hand made run of them available at KSUBI Jeans on Mulberry Street in Soho NYC starting next week or maybe the week after. You can go there and pick up your own copy. The people there are super awesome and nice.

okay thats it for now.

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