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Jeremy Bastard

Autodrone Live at The Annex - Thurs 11/13 - CD Release Show!

Hello Friends

We are so excited to announce that we will be playing at The Annex in NYC on Thursday, November 13th
to celebrate the worldwide release of our CD Strike A Match on Clairecords.

We will play at 10pm
The Annex is located at 152 Orchard St.
It is a wonderful venue!!

Bell Hollow and Audn are playing too!!!!!

You can pre-order the CD from ToneVendor at up until the eleventh, at which point you can just order it for real, download it from itunes, or buy a physical copy of it in your favorite store.

In other news, Delusions of Adequacy did an interview with us - they had some very nice things to say about Strike A Match, see below:

When Autodrone’s Strike A Match finally finds its way onto the racks of our favourite indie CD stockists, anyone pausing for long enough to listen will hear what is possibly one of the benchmark albums of 2008. A swirling chaotic mixture of 80s,90s (that’s the 1880/90s) and more recent gothic/darkwave influences, Autodrone is possibly one of the most inventive, talented, and (importantly) musically committed bands performing around NY at the moment. With every indication that the rest of us might receive a visit shortly, Jon Gordon called on the band with a view to arranging some introductions. ...

you can read the whole interview here:

We sincerely hope to see you at the show on Thursday the 13th. Naturally we will have copies of the CD there for sale, and we will sell them to you very cheaply.

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